VINE Seeds

VINE is currently producing a series of "Seeds" - guided reflections and exercises for people who are passionate about the natural world. Stimulating and challenging, these include group and individual practices that can be used to enhance our understanding of how we work both alone and with others .  Intended to engage more than just the intellectual mind, each seed includes image and quotations to connect with our emotions and feelings.  We would be delighted to hear back from you about how you found them, and any suggestions you may have - please contact

  • The Fourth Little Pig

    "They will speak of those who, despite initial feelings of being alone and outnumbered, followed their inner wisdom and their respect for life and said, ‘Something is wrong’”.

  • Ardal

    "You need an elder to guide you..."

  • Flash Fiction

    Intense, urgent and a little explosive...

  • Growth and Austerity

    Or, why put yourself between a rock and a hard place in the first place?

  • Fast Track

    The faster we move, the less we this why we want to keep moving so fast so much of the time? This seed includes individual or group exercises to help us slow down, to help us focus us on the journey not the destination; our humanity not our roles. And it might just help us re-connect with a little more of the planet.

  • Who's your Dada? maybe during this time of economic and ecological austerity we need to get back in touch with the thinkers that keep us sane and make us laugh.

  • Connection

    "Something swatable landed on my arm during the unseasonably hot spell we had at the back end of September. And I nearly did. But I stopped, transfixed by the white joints on its legs ..."

  • Looking forward by looking back

    “If there is human life in two hundred years from now, people of that time will likely tell stories of the corporations that seemed to rule the planet and the vast amount of toxic chemicals they dumped into the earth, air and water. But they will also talk about us, their ancestors, who refused to go along. They will speak of those who, despite initial feelings of being alone and outnumbered, followed their inner wisdom and their respect for life and said, ‘Something is wrong’”. Norbert Gahbler

  • Naikan

    “See yourself with your own eyes”...a way of helping us to better understand ourselves and our relationships with nature.

  • Pacha Mama

    “Above all, we have to look at life with respect and wonder". To celebrate international Mother Earth Day.

  • Triangles

    A marvellously playful activity that can also be more deeply meaningful. It is for groups of 10 to 60 people so ideal for groups and gatherings.

  • Habits

    Breaking habits…Applying new behaviours. This seed offers the individual ways to enact change without estranging others.

  • Elephants

    If values lie at the heart of your work, then it is ultimately fruitless to ignore the feeling you may have that your collaborator and you don't see eye to eye. This seeds offers suggestions about how to acknowledge the "elephant in the room".

  • Dreambeds

    An individual exercise helping us to remember the bigger picture..."The quest was for a heightened sense of understanding - a glimpse of the greater scheme of things. The resulting vision was a product of distance, time and imagination. It was almost certainly not couched in the language of short-term goals and performance targets"

  • Social Proof

    When change is afoot – when there is uncertainty - people need reassurance and direction, and they actively seek out people who can provide this. In other words, when people are uncertain they begin to look around for cues on how to behave…they look for ‘social proof’. Do I panic? Do I resist? Do I keep my head down? Do I jump on the band wagon? What are those near and dear to me doing?

  • Hero's Journey

    Guided reflections and exercises for our own "heroes journey". For individual use.