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VINE's vision is an evolving entity - our latest version is posted here, together with our original project brief.  We are keen for members to contribute directly to the vision, so do please contact the steering group with your thoughts and comments, or post them on the VINE discussion forum.

VINE's response to Defra's EU Birds and Habitats Directives consultation, the Defra white paper on the natural environment and the Independent Panel on Forestry's Call for Views (2011) and the National Curriculum Consultation (2013) are posted below.


VINE AGM 2015 documents


EU Birds and Habitats Directives consultation

Rekindling the Connection

AGM 2014 documents

AGM 2013 documents

National Curriculum consultation 2013

Biodiversity Offsetting consultation 2013

Riots Panel 2011

Defra white paper The Natural Environment

The Nature of Conservationists research project

Independent Panel on Forestry 2011

AGM 2012 documents

AGM 2011 documents

AGM 2010 documents

Workprogramme 2010

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Project Documents