Nature Connections 2015


First Call for Participation

Preliminary proposals for symposia, paper sessions and workshops are invited. Suggestions from all areas related to human-nature connections are welcomed – theory, education, research and practice. Contact Dr Miles Richardson –


There is a need to reconnect people with the natural environment owing to the state of nature, the links topro-environmental behaviour and the benefits to human wellbeing.


Bringing together practitioners and researchers to:

Share evidence related to promoting and evaluating the connection to nature in children and adults.

Consider human-nature interactions, including theoretical foundations, environments, activities, attitudes, values and perceptions of nature.

Share the benefits of a connection to nature, wellbeing and proenvironmental behaviour.

Identify future work and highlight practical recommendations for nature connection.

Hosted by the Nature Connectedness Research Cluster and School of Science at the University of Derby, offering the MSc Behaviour Change with pathways in Environment and Conservation and Health and Wellbeing).

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