Existing members can log on here; new members please contact Sophie Lake.

The VINE discussion forum is aimed at those working or interested in nature conservation and associated fields in the UK. We hope this forum will be used to exchange information, ideas and inspiration relating to:

1) the philosophy of conservation
2) the balance of science and intuition in conservation
3) environmental ethics in conservation
4) large-scale conservation
5) questions posed by climate change, target driven and rare species conservation
6) peoples personal philosophies of conservation

... and more!

We also use the forum to publicise VINE events and progress with the VINE work plan.

Please note that when you join, messages posted to the group will arrive by email unless you choose to view them on the website only.




The VINE discussion group provides a facility for Members to discuss nature conservation issues affecting their personal or work lives.


VINE provides a forum for consideration of our wider motivations, aims and inspirations for UK conservation activities. 


By definition these are potentially contentious subjects, so VINE has always asked for the debates to be held with respect to the views of others. Implied in this, is the need to ask permission of contributors before using any attributed posts outside of the VINE forum.


The VINE Steering Group asks that the exchanges remain within the Discussion Forum unless a specific approval has been obtained from the sender. If anyone is found not to have complied with these requests they may be removed from the forum.  However, clearly VINE cannot guarantee that members will comply with this voluntary code of conduct, so contributors are reluctantly advised not to post material that they would not want promulgated. 


It is also worth noting that VINE is not about what is right or what is not within the world of nature conservation but much more about our own personal responses to that world. This ought to permit us to remove all personal ‘sting’ from the discussions and allow us to participate in whatever ways each of us choose, that will not diminish or undermine the involvement of others.